Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket

I'd like to skip the intro because I'm not good at it. So let's get it straight to the point. Here's the 20 things on my bucket list:

  1. Pass the TKD
    A basic skill test, which is next month.
  2. Work in a big city
    Wish to get a good grade in TKD because I want to work in a big city. I don't wanna be placed in some remote area. I really don't. It's not that I'm spoiled and can't live in a place with less facilities. But I want to continue my study, so there has to be a university in the city I work at.
  3. Watch the whole series of...
    Because it's the best tv series I've ever watched. It has the most amazing casts, characters, costumes, settings, and plot twists—everything in one!
  4. Attend Mew's live concert
    There will be one in the next Guiness Arthur's Day on October 26 but I'm still not sure if I can go. I don't usually spent money for a concert, but Mew is my favorite band. I want to watch them live at least once in my life.
  5. Master the butterfly stroke
    I love swimming—because it's the only sport I'm good at. And for me, butterfly is the most beautiful swimming stroke. But I graduated from high school before my PE teacher got to teach me how to do it. I'm trying to learn it by myself, though.
  6. Learn fencing
    I always think that swordplay is one of the coolest things in the world.
  7. Macbook
    My deviantART has been in a very long hiatus because my current laptop can't handle the work.
    I used to think that Apple stuffs are all about brand and expensive price. But some friends who have been using Macbook said it had the best performance of a notebook: fast, powerful, and durable.
  8. An MILC
    I like taking pictures and I want a high-res camera but a DSLR would be too much. MILC is slim and light and easier to use; and the picture quality is as good as DSLR.
  9. Able to drive
    Because I'm 22 and I can't drive. And my friends sometimes say I'm useless because I can't drive. I know it's a joke but it's really annoying. Lol.
  10. Able to cook
    I'm a girl and I can't cook. Well, I can chop, peel, fry, or boil things. But I have a very bad sense in measuring and mixing ingredients. And you know what people say: a girl should be able to cook.
  11. Bachelor's and master's degree
    When I get married someday, there should be a series of titles after my name on the wedding invitation! No. Just kidding. I'm not satisfied with diploma. And I'll keep aiming for a higher education.
  12. A new house
    Mom said when her children were done with their studies, she wanted to learn making cakes. It seems she's been burying her passion for our sake. She also once said she wanted a bigger house where our big family could gather. So I guess I'll get her a house with bigger kitchen.
  13. Get married
    Maybe at 27, 28, or 29. Too old? No. I'll still be as pretty as 20 even in the next 10 years! Just kidding. There are many things I want to achieve before getting married.
  14. Design my own wedding dress and invitation
    I want a dress with a fusion design of Western and Javanese. And as for the invitation, I want to make it like a magazine; with pre-wed pictures, hairline fonts, and soft colors.
  15. Two or three kids
    And I will make sure they'll grow up to be good and brilliant people. Like their mother, yes. Lol.
  16. Become a lecturer
    I want to teach like my father. And lecturer seems like an easy but well-paid job. I can decide the schedule. And college students know their responsibility already, so teaching them won't give me much trouble.
  17. Open a shabu-shabu and yakiniku restaurant
    I like shabu-shabu and yakiniku. But most places sell them with expensive price. I remember saving for weeks to eat at Hanamasa. Lol. So I want to make a shabu-shabu and yakiniku restaurant that even college students can afford.
  18. Own a farm
    I want one with many kinds of vegetables. Why? Because people eat and need food to eat. And I think this country has no enough food for these people. I'll slowly develop a cattle ranch as well.
    Yes, it's gonna be a real life version of Harvest Moon!
  19. Publish a manga
    One of my dreams! I used to draw manga for fun back then in high school but stopped when I entered college. I wish I could draw again someday and get it published.
  20. World travelling
    I'll work myself to the bone while I'm still young, so that I can spend my old age travelling around the world, taking pictures of amazing places, and having culinary adventures.

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It's Been a Year!

I had never thought of being in a serious relationship or, particularly, getting married. Because most guys want a housewife type of girl and that's really not me. Plus, my parents had an unhappy marriage, which made me scared of this commitment.

I used to date guys for fun: hanging out together, watching movies, having dinners. But when they discussed about getting to a more serious stage and showed me the list of what they wanted from me and our relationship, I was terrified. After few months, I'd usually break up with them.

Did I mention about my parents? Mom never expected to marry Dad; she wished to marry somebody richer. Dad was extremely religious but Mom wasn't as religious as he wanted his wife to be. And here's the problem: they didn't meet each other's expectations. Mom couldn't appreciate Dad's hard work and Dad pushed Mom into his beliefs. They fought almost everyday and nearly divorced. Luckily, they didn't.

I feared expectations. I felt comfortable with the way I was and didn't want to change to meet anyone's expectations. I was self-contained and full of pride. Couldn't imagine myself stuck with kitchen and house chores and being dictated by a husband. I even thought that if I needed a company someday, I would rather find a host than a husband... A crazy thinking, I know.

I first met Huda last year in an internship. Shortly afterwards, he asked me out. I said yes without second thoughts, just because I supposed it was better than staying single. But the more I got to know him, the more I found him caring, kind, patient, sincere, and understanding; more than any guy I've ever known. He's also loyal to his friend, good to people, and he treasures his family. And I grew to like him even more.

One day he told me he was serious about our relationship. I liked him so much. I didn't want to cut him off unreasonably. I told him everything: the things I wasn't good at, my religion issue, my family issue, and the possibility of me working overseas. I knew he would understand. He told me not to worry.

So he introduced me to his family and relatives. That was the first time a boyfriend brought me to his family. I was really nervous. But glad they liked me. He said I was the only girl his mother ever liked. It actually gave me some confidence.

I then arranged his meeting with my parents. But my father disliked him. Mainly because he was not yet working. Quite reasonable.

I was disappointed but Huda didn't give up. Since then, he worked hard on his thesis and finally managed to finish it. He also applied for some postgraduate scholarships and jobs. He said he did it all so that we could be together. He said he wanted to be a lecturer. He said if he got a good job, my father would approve him. No one had ever shown me such efforts.

I became aware of my selfishness. He made me realize that relationship is about trying to be the best for each other. And, well, I never wanted to change to meet someone's expectations. But for him, I guess I would.

Meeting him was a blessing. And today is the very first anniversary of our relationship. Wish we'll always be together.

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Lee Soo Hyuk on MV's

I've written some posts related to Lee Soo Hyuk before and you're probably wondering who this guy is. (I know you're really not. But whatever...)

Soo Hyuk was born in May 31, 1988. He started his career as a model in a fashion show in 2006. Later, he also became an actor. He played in Korean tv series: Vampire Idol, What's Up?, Deep Rooted Tree, White Christmas, and Seven Models (Special Edition); also in films: Horror Stories II, Runway Cop, The Boy from Ipanema, and My Boss, My Teacher. Unfortunately, I have never watched any of those tv series and films. Yes, I'm a bad fan. Lol.

I find him more in MV's because I'm quite update in K-pop. (Well, I like K-pop but not too much.) His first appearance on MV was for Gavy NJ's Love Story. And I first knew him from 2NE1's It Hurts MV.

Lee Soo Hyuk on 2NE1's It Hurts MV

When I showed my housemates the video and told them I liked him, they were like, "He's ugly! Ghostly! All skin and bones! His nose looks like a raven's beak! And please, he looks like an idiot!" Lol. How could they have such ideas? I think he's really handsome and his nose is the most exotic part.

Next, he played a character of a guy who was haunted by the girls in EXID's Whoz That Girl.

Lee Soo Hyuk on EXID's Whoz That Girl MV

And the lastest MV he modeled for was 2NE1's again, Falling in Love.

Lee Soo Hyuk on 2NE1's Falling in Love MV

I posted that image above on Facebook and a friend suddenly sent me a message, "Is that your favorite model?" I said yes and asked him if he thought Soo Hyuk was handsome. But he said Soo Hyuk looked scary and reminded him of a maniac character in a film he once saw.

Don't you also think that he's really gorgeous and good looking? Or am I the only person who think so? Lol.


The 10,000 Hits

My all-time stats up to the 10,000 hits.

This blog finally reached the 10,000 hits today. So I'd like to thank all my friends, blogger fellows, even people who stop by my blog by accident; anyone who contributes to my stats. Thanks for the visits and comments. It's been a huge motivation to keep writing. At last, I apologize for any of my writings that might have displeased you; either it's boring, absurd, and maybe offensive. I will do better in the future.


I'm on WordPress

I've been blogging in WordPress again. I'm not leaving Blogger, though. I still write here as much.

I want to write about personal stuffs sometimes. But the number of this blog's viewers is raising and I'm feeling less privacy. I just don't feel comfortable to write off my vents, rants, complains, absurd things, trivial things, and such here. I won't use my WordPress in communal activities, so it will only be for me and people who actually want to read it.


A Portrait by Fauzi

Fauzi did say that he was gonna draw my portrait but I supposed he wasn't serious at all. So I was kinda surprised when I found this drawing on his blog. It turned out that he actually meant it.

You can view the full size picture here. He said he did it with touchpad but I think it's a great work. I really like it.

Thanks a lot!


Blogger or WordPress?

I've been using Blogger and WordPress for a very long time, since 2007. Can you believe it? But sure there are times when I stopped blogging and deleted all  posts that I had made, so you won't be able to find my old posts.

From my experience in using those two platforms, I actually think WordPress is better than Blogger. But since many people use Blogger, I'm following the stream. However, sometimes I do blogwalking and find people who blog with WordPress; it makes me want to go back to WordPress again. Well, I'm using WordPress but just as a side-blog. I've made so many posts in Blogger; it's too hassle to just leave it.

There's a little regret deep here for using Blogger. Why? I'll tell you some differences between these platforms.

  1. Interface
    Blogger's dashboard interface is simpler and more user friendly, while WordPress has so many menus and sub-menus. But WordPress's dashboard is more professional looking in design.
  2. Template
    Blogger's template is easy to modify. You can either use the templates from Blogger, customize it, or install instant template. There are so many free template out there in internet. And more importantly, you don't have to pay to customize your template. But, well, most Blogger templates look very typical. How should I put it? The header, the sidebars... Don't you think?
    Some of the templates provided by WordPress are premium, which means you have to buy it. You can modify your layout but it's very limited to widgets, header, and background. And you have to pay for the customization you make on fonts and CSS. But still, WordPress's designs are more professional looking. It's simple yet elegant.
    Blogger's comment form design is primitive compared to WordPress. You can change it into Google+ but I don't think everyone has Google+ account. And some people still prefer Blogger's comment to Google+'s.
    WordPress has beautiful comment form as well as the threaded comments. Unlike Blogger's thread that only has 2 levels, WordPress enables you to set the number of the thread up to 10 levels.
  4. Categories, Labels, and Tags
    WordPress provide categories and parents categories, and they're easy to manage. You can change the name of a category without even editing it in each post. WordPress also has tags, which enables you to put the keywords of your posts.
    Meanwhile, Blogger only has labels, which causes users sometimes stuff many keywords in it. No labels manager; if you want to change the name of a label, you have to edit it in every post.
  5. Storage Limit
    Blogger's storage limit for pictures is 1 GB. For the details, read here. While WordPress has 3 GB.

This article is based on personal observation. And the WordPress I'm talking about here is not the self-hosted. Do you have any other idea about another advantage and disadvantage of Blogger and WordPress? Feel free to share.



So when I woke up in the morning three days ago, I found these texts in my cellphone:

Pelanggan Yth,
Selamat, Anda
men-dpt hadiah
dr: Pengundian
POPMIE pin anda
FH53X77, U/ info
klik: www.kejutan-popmie-

Kejutan Indofood hadiah
Uang Rp. 49jt Resmi
diberikan U/Pemilik:
085790xxxxxx PIN
Pemenang: XY7QD77 info
lengkap Kelik:


I wish I could have taken a screenshot but my phone can't do screenshot. But I typed those with exactly the same spelling, capitalization, even line breaks.

I've heard many people talk about getting this kind of phishing messages but that was the first time I got ones. I knew they were scams. The displayed numbers and free web hosting platforms they used, people can easily tell that it's fake. So I just ignored them.


Upside Down (2012)

Gravity. They say you can't fight it. Well, I disagree. What if the love was stronger than gravity?

(Adam Kirk)

Is it too late to review this film?

I think Upside Down is a sci-fi film with an amazing concept: a solar system where the twin planets, Up and Down, revolve alongside each other and around a star, with their own gravitation law:

  1. All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from and not the other.
  2. An object's weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world, inverse matter.
  3. After some time in contact, matter in contact with inverse matter, burns.

Did I say sci-fi? I rather say romance with sci-fi sub-plot.

The twin planets were different in status. Up was rich, while Down was poor. Adam from Down climbed up to a mountain top and there he saw Eden, a girl from Up. Contact with anyone from Up was forbidden but they fell in love. A patrol spotted them meeting up and an accident happened, causing Eden lost her memories. Adam thought she was dead.

Ten years later, Adam found out that Eden was still alive and worked in TransWorld, a big company that connected the two planets. He then applied to the company and managed to get recruited for his anti-aging cream proposal. There, he met Bob from Up who helped him to get through to Eden.

My favorite part? When Adam was in Up using inverse matters stuffed into his suit, but the inverse matters started to burn. So he threw himself into the water, swam to the sea, took off the inverse matters... And he was pulled up by his planet's gravity, up to the sky and through the clouds, then back to Down.

In spite of the great concept, the ending was kinda imposed. Bob invented the anti-gravity and came to Down to see Adam. Then Adam and Eden could be together again. The film ended with Adam telling that the world finally changed and the two planets were at last equal in status. I was expecting more details of how exactly the anti-gravity had an impact on the law of gravitation and the economic equality between the planets.

However, the cast was great. I've been liking Jim Sturgess since I watched him in Cloud Atlas. He's cute. I don't like Kristen Dunst but I think she suited the character. I couldn't help seeing Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter, though.

Anyway, this film is awesome. It's reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, only with a more fictional story and fascinating visual effects.